New Customer Steps

Step #1 Announce the NCA

Click the button below and send a quick message to our 320 Admin Team. Include "NCA is coming" so they can prepare for your app!

Step #2 Submit NCA

Click the Start App button below to submit an NCA (New Customer App) and to request a proposal. Proposals are normally sent to your email within 15 mins or less.

Step #3 Finance Approval

After you receive the proposal and present it to the homeowner you must qualify them for financing by clicking the button below and filling out the app. You can fill the app for the homeowner as long as they sign it before submission. (Any questions about this app please post in the 320 Admin Group)

Step #4 Customer Agreement

Once the customer has been approved for financing you can request our contract agreements here. The DocuSign will be sent to the customer directly and then for you to sign as well.

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